Crystals - An Extra Server Currency [ChestCommands GUI - Forked Addon]

Minelist Exclusive Crystals - An Extra Server Currency [ChestCommands GUI - Forked Addon] 2019-09-24

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Native Minecraft Version: 1.13

Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.9, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14

Contributors: BigNan

Donation Link:

Crystals - An Extra Server Currency

Crystals is a plugin configuration of the plugin Chest Commands GUI - FORKED


A Physical Crystal Item.
A GUI Crystal Shop.
No bugs found.
Commands can be executed.
GUI Stays Open when an item is purchased.
Multiple Commands.
Fast Bug Fixes.

Commands and Permissions:

/Crystals - Opens up the Crystal GUI Shop. (
/Transfer - Opens up the Crystal GUI Shop. (
/GetCrystals - Opens up a GUI in which you can force in Crystals. (

How to get Crystals:

Crystals can be forced in using the /GetCrystals command. However, if you are a regular player on the server, you obviously won't be able to use this command.

Option 1:
If you are an admin on the server, you can add Crystals to player kits. This means a player will receive the set amount of crystals every time they redeem the kit.
Option 2:
f you are an admin on the server, you can also add Crystals to a plugin called Supply Crates. This will allow players to have a chance at finding Crystals when opening supply crates in set locations.
Other Options:
Options 1 and 2 are just options in which I would go for. However, you may not like those options. You can also add the Crystals to any plugin you have. This goes for a plugin like Drop Edit or Wild Stacker where you can set custom drops for mobs. The options are endless.

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