SafeTrade - Trading Plugin [1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x]

SafeTrade - Trading Plugin [1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x] 1.1.0b

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Native Minecraft Version: Legacy (< 1.13)
Tested Minecraft Versions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10
Contributors: BigNan
Donation Link:
SafeTrade is a plugin that has been made to prevent scammers on the server that you own. This plugin manages all trading on your server and prevents unsafe activity.

SateTrade is a very easy-to-use and safe trading plugin. Aside from the clean and organized interface, it comes with very easy-to-use commands and doesn't need to be set up at all. (ignoring the fact that you might want to change some messages.)

SafeTrade is a fork of weeTrade which was abandoned in early 2015. I am uploading this fork in hope that I keep it updated for you.

- Basic Commands (nothing hard to remember)
- Safe Trade System (No lag and requires confirmation from both players)
- An amazing Trading Interface.
- Immediate Item Transfer upon confirmation.
- Request / Accept trades by right-clicking + sneaking (Can toggle on/off in config)
- Customizable Messages with colour code support.
- Constant updates!

How it works:
1) Player A would like to trade with Player B but they are both scared of being scammed.
2) Player A then executes the command '/trade <player-name>' in chat in which Player B then uses '/trade accept <player-name>'.
3) An amazing interface now pops up allowing both players to insert the items they would like to change.
4) Now both players will need to confirm the trade by clicking the glass at the top of the screen twice.
5) Happy Trading! Both players are scam-free!

Commands and Permissions:
/Trade <player-name> - Send the named target a trade request (
/Trade Ignore - Ignores all incoming trade requests (trade.ignore)
/Trade Accept - Accepts a player trade (trade.accept)
/Trade Reload - Reloads the SafeTrade config files (trade.reload)
NOTE: Trading with sneak+rightclick requires permission 'trade.sneaktrade'


Video Tutorials:
- None, be the first!
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  1. Support for more Minecraft Versions

    Hello, This update adds some extra versions to the plugin along with some fixes which were...
  2. 1.0.2

    closed a missing triangle bracket. fixed GUI freezing issue.