Selling [$500 BIN] RaidLabs - Factions Network $5k+ Made | 1.7k Member Discord | Custom Plugins

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Sep 6, 2019
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-=- RaidLabs Factions Network For Sale -=-

RaidLabs was a Factions Network that peaked at around 400 players a day or so after release. Sadly due to some paypal issues I have been forced to sell the server. RaidLabs was always an incredibly professional ran server, with exquisite logo designs and fully set up youtube/twitters.

Custom Plugins

Not releasing the custom plugins unless the user shows serious interest in the server, and has proof of funds, but there are 10+ revolutionary custom plugins.

Server Includes
Dedicated Servers - Rapid Deploy Server - Intel Core i7 7700K 64GB (PNJ)
- 1.7k Discord, 300 at peak.
- Staff discord, completely organized.
- Custom Discord Announce Bot
- Paid F-Top // Youtubers, so the server is trusted.
- Custom Buycraft Theme W/ 4k+ in sales.
- 1.5k+ Unique Logins (In 4 days)
- Full set up network with a hub and 3 servers. | Factions server was almost done, in need of a couple builds.
- Logo (Bratu
- Custom YouTube//Twitter Banners
- Fully setup Twiter/Instagram/Youtube accounts
- 6 Custom made server icons for various uses
- Custom Thumbnails for Update videos, trailers, giveaways, reviews etc.

There is a ton of GFX including Halloween themed icons (great as it's coming up), regular icons, banners, thumbnails ect. Few examples shown in the below spoiler. You'll get all gfx upon purchase.

Discord Link -

Contact me to bid or to get more info - xxConqueror#0001 on discord.

SB | 500$
BIN | 2,000$

- RlabHoppers | Automatically place hoppers on another without needing to shift, very user friendly. | 10$
- RlabSpawnerGamble | Gamble your spawners with /spawnergamble through a GUI | 25$
- RlabTNT | 7 TNTs, one fully custom tnt being a tnt that has the power of 300 tnt for cannons | 20$
- RlabRaidAlerts | These are beacons that detect tnt when tnt goes off in that chunk alerts the faction | 25$
- RlabPrinter | GMC printer mode that you can print in schematics with, had a couple bugs so we removed temporarily but will be fixed soon | 30$
- RlabTotem | New event, mine the 5 blocks at /warp totem with a sword to win the event. | 20$
- RlabStardrop | Another new event, mine the diamond block at /warp stardrop 200 times to win the event | 25$
- RlabHoes | Automatic Selling harvester hoes, toggle between collect mode and sell mode | 15$
- RlabNPicks | Shockwaves that only mine nether-rack. These are to mine trays for watering them | 10$
- RlabMorphTools | Shockwaves that morph into the tool you need, so if you mine netherrack the shockwave turns into a pickaxe, wood turns into an axe etc. | 20$
- RlabTNTBank | TNTBank per faction, with a custom chest mode. If you click a chest in chestmode all tnt in that chest is automatically deposited. | 15$
- RlabCac/CaneGens | Gens a pillar of cactus or sugar cane, extremely popular in the recent community. | 40$
- RlabWallPatches | This repairs a full wall, regardless if there are holes in them, great donation park. | 20$