Requesting KentonoCC | Looking for investors

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Aug 11, 2019
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Hey guys. I am System. Formally known as Herku or t0an. And I am making this thread today in Mine-list to find investors for this project.

Why should we choose you?
We provide a quality PvP experience different from the others. We will have an OG, OP and Emerald Economy HCF. We will listen to player feedback and get the PvP community back to its standard. We will be using Kohi's KB values, bringing back Emerald economy styled HCF and way more. We will also have SoupHCF along with uHCF (HCF but UHC styled) and many more gamemodes to come. We will not be one of those boring old PvP servers with no spark, no creativity nor a cliché PvP server. We will be a unique and fun environment for the players to seek a good PvP styled server to enjoy.

What is currently finished in Kentono:

Server-Core (Bans, permissions alert etc).

The ROI will be rely on your investment. For example if you invest 150 you will get 30% ROI back and so on. (Will be discussed in Discord.)

Contact me on Discord:
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