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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello there! I am thinking about launching a relatively small server. The server will have 1 game mode and I'll need it to run like a standard mini-game server where multiple games can happen simultaneously. Additionally, there will need to be a lobby where players can join games via NPC and commands, as well as general hub plugins like a hub core, cosmetics, and extra features.

I need all of this custom made, and I actually have no set deadline for this to be done, but I would like the development to be done by Christmas this year though.

- Game mode will be disclosed to serious candidates.

- Mainly commands and features:
() = Required / [] = Optional
- /join (game mode) -- Sends player to the next available game mode server starting.​
- /friend (username) -- Adds specified person to your friends list. Friends list needs to have access to set a certain number of friend slots based on someone's rank.​
- /unfriend (username) -- Removes the specified person from your friends list.
- /fly -- Enable flying for users with certain ranks.
- /c -- Cosmetics menu with ability to choose from colored armor, metal armors, and blocks to wear in place of helmets. Need access to red and white flashing leather armor and rainbow leather armor.
- /stats [username] -- Displays statistics for the specified player, or for the command user if no specified player.
- /top [kills/deaths/etc.] -- Displays top 10 players for the specified statistic.
- /help -- Displays server information and links.
- /helpop (message) -- Sends an assistance request to all online staff.​
- /tournament join -- Joins the ongoing tournament queue.​
- /upgrade -- Links user to online donation store to purchase rank upgrades.
- Punching users with a staff rank will display particles in a large cloud and make the staff member disappear from the punching player's visibility.
- Pressing spacebar twice, for users without fly access and for those who do not have /fly enabled, will allow the player to double-jump.
- NPCs that players can click to open a GUI. GUI will include items with options like Join Now, My Stats, and Season information for the game mode.
- Players should have a few items within their hotbar, and these should not be able to be removed. (Play now (Diamond), Grappling Hook (Fishing Rod), Cosmetics (Enderchest), My Stats (Player Head), Speed Boost (Gold Boots))
- All commands not listed above should yield the message, "You do not possess the power to use this command."​
- No Cheat Plus will be used with a redesigned configuration.

- Primarily commands
- /mod or /moderator -- Will put the staff member in "Mod Mode", which is a combination of creative mode, vanish, and with no ability to take items from creative inventory.​
- /stuck (username) -- Will allow for the moderator to move a player glitched in a block to the original spawn point of either the hub or game mode's map.​
- /mute (username) (time) (reason) -- Will mute a player for the specified time and log the reason in a server file.​
- /ban (username) (time) (reason) -- Will ban a player for the specified time and log the reason in a server file.​
- /fly -- Fly...​
- /sc or /staffchat -- Allows a staff member to switch between staff and public chats.​
- /tp - Teleporting to players without notifying them.​
- /tournament start [50/100] -- Starts a tournament with either 50 or 100 player slots available for joining.​
- /tournament end -- Ends ongoing tournament with no winner.​
- /online -- Displays other online staff and online YouTubers/media rank.​

- Small plugin with some administrative commands.
- Rank permission levels are 0-10, 0 being default and 10 being owner with ranks able to set in between for hierarchy purposes.
- /createrank (rank) (permission level) -- Creates a new rank.​
- /rankprefix (prefix) -- Sets a rank's prefix.​
- /deleterank (rank) -- Removes a rank and sets all rank members to default.​
- /setrank (username) (rank) -- Sets a user to the specified rank.
- /blacklist (username) -- Will permanently ban the specified player, and their IP addess from accessing the server.​
- /createnpc (NPC Name) -- Ability to setup new NPCs for players to use in the Hub.​
- /removenpc (NPC Name) -- Ability to delete NPCs.​
- /editnpc (NPC Name) -- Allows for editing the NPCs GUI.​
- /clearstats (username) season [all/current/#] -- Wipes that users stats, if current is specified it will only erase them for that season.​

This is currently all that I can think of wanting/needing for the specific server I will be running. I would like for you all to give me your CONTACT INFO, QUOTE, AND SUGGESTIONS for the project. Thank you for reading, and please keep all of the comments positive and on-topic!